Quality Sales Food Service


Located in Fairbanks, Alaska, Quality Sales Food Service is the number one food supplier for the interior. Serving Alaskans since 1956 we have relied on our superior service and the quality of our products to grow to #1. In 1997 we established a relationship with Golbon Marketing Group to share their buying volume. This has allowed us to lower prices and with the private Golbon label, give the quality our customers have grown accustomed to.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we will making it easier for the public to buy groceries
We have put together a retail catalog with a selection of restaurant quality items in packages of 15 lbs. or less. This may be used as an order form although orders must be placed by phone. Call customer service at 907-458-0000 and we will help identify products that will work for you.

Easy to pick up:

1. Place your order over the phone
2. Order will be ready in 1 hour
3. Call 907-458-0000 on arrival at Quality Sales and pay with your credit card.
4. We will load the order in your car

The safest way to get your groceries!

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