About Quality Sales Food Service

About Quality Sales Food Service

Located in Fairbanks, Alaska, Quality Sales Food Service is the number one food supplier for the interior. Serving Alaskans since 1956 we have relied on our superior service and the quality of our products to grow to #1.
On May 1st of 1997, Sales Associates of Alaska acquired Quality Meats Co. of Fairbanks, Alaska. In order to retain the reputation of Quality Meats Co., we merged the names of the two companies to Quality Sales Foodservice. This acquisition resulted in an increased marketing area from 200 sq. miles to a current 371,000 sq. miles marketing area. As part of the expansion we have become a full line food service distributor, many new SKU’s have been slotted and many more are on the way.

In 1997 we established a relationship with Golbon Marketing Group to share their buying volume. This has allowed us to lower prices and with the private Golbon label, give the quality our customers have grown accustomed to.

The Golbon Buying Group

Golbon was formed in 1963 to provide food service distributors premium frozen fruits, vegetables and potatoes through forward warehousing programs. Golbon has since emerged as a full service, broad line purchasing and marketing group for independent food service distributors.

Today as one of the country’s fastest-growing marketers, Golbon is at the leading edge of the food service industry. Golbon has addressed the needs of the independent food service distributor with an array of programs and services. Employing experienced individuals with the foodservice industry has been a successful commitment that reflects the growth and profitability of our distributor members. Their website is designed to detail each program and service provided for their members. Please visit them at .

Food Manager Safety Certification

Quality Sales can help you get certified as an FDA approved Food Safety Manager. We can provide training resources and we can proctor the test here in Fairbanks. Call the office at 907-458-0000 for more information.

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