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Hello our beautiful customers!!!! Currently we are experiencing difficulty acquiring our beloved Thundercrunch fries from Simplot. We have a couple great substitutes for you to try once we run out of our current stock. Coming September 1st!
Jiffi Crisp straight cut battered fry Item #71172
Cut Size: 3/8″
Pack Size: 6/4.5lb
“Jiffi Crisp® is back! These popular, lightly battered fries deliver impressive hold times—perfect for schools, takeout, drive-thru, event venues and in-house dining. Your patrons will love their crisp texture and lightly seasoned potato flavor! This 3/8″ straight cut is noted for its flavor and versatility.

Light, crispy batter tastes great and holds longer
Bake or fry prep versatility
Excellent flavor served as is or with additional house seasoning
Great choice for take-out”
(Simplot description)

Then we of course have our Bent Arm Ale Fry item #238 & our Megacrunch Ovenable Fry item #91002. Thank you for your understanding! The Jiffi Crisp are an economical option to replace the Thundercrunch for the time being, coming in at approximately $2 less per case. We will keep you posted on supply as we are updated.

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We have the great luck of finding great suppliers to do business with! A couple years ago our regional sales person, Kim Espinosa came to visit us in Fairbanks from Tennessee. All to showcase the Wampler’s Farm Sausage product line which includes raw products, retail, and cooked items. We have a long list of products available for purchase at really reasonable cost to you, our customers. Check out our items from this company that thrives on sustainable practices in their business model. Also check out their company in the News!

Items include the following:
94404 Homestyle 4″ Sausage Patties, uncooked
94230 Breakfast Sausage Links 2oz, uncooked
90084 Sausage Patties 2oz, fully cooked
12044 Bratwurst Apple Pie Moonshine 8/1# retail packages
120460 Bratwurst White Lightening Moonshine 8/1# retail packages
104030 Taco Meat-Spicy Pork 12/1# retail packages
2350 Foot Long Hot-Dogs 10″ Beef & Pork
1080 Smoked Beef Sausage Rope 2/5#
15500 Pulled Pork without sauce 2/5#
40471 Irish Bangers 4:1 size, uncooked

Wampler Knoxville News Sustainability 052221
Wampler's The Daily News Company History Handout
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The fair has just ended, but we’re still in the mood for LOADED Fries!!!🍟 How about you?

We have the best versions for LOADING UP with the good stuff on sale for the rest of the month. Conquest Delivery +, Beer Battered Sidewinders, Savory Loops and Tater Gems (Tots), ALL $5 off per case!!!
Make sure you grab a fun Chef-Mate sauce, chili, or gravy to pair with the fries to ensure you create a NEW a fan favorite at your restaurant!! All these on sale for $5 off per case!!
Make sure you scan the QR codes to go to #Simplot & #Nestle’s recipe idea pages!

#QualitySalesFoodService #SimplotPromo #ChefMatePromo #LoadedFries #FairFoodIdeas #RecipeIdeas #Sale #comfortfood #ideasforspecials #Fries #NachoCheeseSauce #Gravy #LetsEat

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we will making it easier for the public to buy groceries
We have put together a retail catalog with a selection of restaurant quality items in packages of 15 lbs. or less. This may be used as an order form although orders must be placed by phone. Call customer service at 907-458-0000 and we will help identify products that will work for you.

Easy to pick up:

1. Place your order over the phone
2. Order will be ready in 1 hour
3. Call 907-458-0000 on arrival at Quality Sales and pay with your credit card.
4. We will load the order in your car

The safest way to get your groceries!

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