Golbon Spring Food Show

Stacey and Krynn have returned from an intense and exciting food show experience in Baltimore with some of our Golbon suppliers. We tasted and discovered a lot of new products. Here is an example:

Mrs. Friday’s has 2 new products. We have requested samples.

The picture is Craft Beer Battered Pollack. It’s 2-3 oz. filets of Alaskan Pollack battered with Samuel Adams lager.

The other item is Craft Beer Battered Shrimp.




Other interesting items were:

New pasta shape from Pasta Montana: ridged and twisted elbow macaroni. Farm Rich Breaded Avocado Slices. Sausage Sliders packed in a trio of flavors from Rose Packing. Campbell’s gluten free Roasted Poblano and White Cheddar soup

Not pictured: Chef Express Macadamia and Panko breading, Ventura Honey Sriracha Sauce, Curly’s Smoked Wings and Smoked Brisket



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