Impossible Burger production issues

Here is a recent memo Quality Sales received from The Impossible Burger company:

We’re experiencing unprecedented growth across all of our sales categories — from large chains to neighborhood restaurants. In fact, we’re struggling to keep up with surging demand for the Impossible Burger and we know many of you are running short on product. We need to make more– fast. The good news is that we’re literally working 24-7. In addition to making changes to increase production at the 2 plants in California, we are optimizing efficiency including changing our SKU mix to maximize the total amount of pounds we can produce.

  • To produce as much plant-based meat as we can as quickly as possible, we are exclusively producing 5-pound bricks (“bulk” packages) for our foodservice partners. We have temporarily suspended production of patties.
  • Producing a single SKU means our workforce in Oakland can produce a greater volume of plant-based meat per shift — and we can reduce the amount of time that the line is shut down. This is the most efficient way to increase output in the very short term.
  • Moving exclusively to 5-pound bricks means that more customers can get more product faster. It also means that some customers will have to form patties in their kitchens. We sincerely appreciate your willingness to try this new format. Again, we see this as a temporary move to maximize total production as we ramp up.

We also wanted to address some misconceptions we’ve heard about one specific partner: Burger King®.  We are not currently making product for all 7,200 Burger Kings. In fact, Burger King restaurants serving our product represent less than 3% of the total number of restaurants that serve the Impossible Burger.

The vast majority of our customers are small business owners — and as always, we value their business tremendously. Thanks for your continued patience as we ramp up manufacturing and production.

Team Impossible™

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